What we do

We reach out to, inspire and promote cultural and artistic excellence amongst young people between the ages of 5 and 25, regardless of their background, social or physical disadvantage by:

  • Connecting young people to excellence in the arts and culture.
  • Promoting arts and cultural programmes in the community that build on and extend the arts and cultural curriculum in school or college.
  • Funding, and signposting young people to bursaries.
  • Sponsoring new activities where there are gaps in provision.
  • Supporting arts and cultural education providers in the community to extend their reach.
  • Driving awareness of, and access to career opportunities in the arts & cultural industries.


Connecting young people to excellence in arts and cultural education

Working with our partners, such as e-PD and Creatives Across Sussex, SAA is a virtual organisation that provides on-line access for young people (5-25) in schools and colleges in the Sussex area to community-based enrichment programmes in arts and cultural education.

SAA helps the providers of community-based enrichment programmes to gain easy access to schools and colleges through the e-PD digital platform and so to extend the range of their work with children and young people.

A key priority for SAA is to raise money to pay bursaries to disadvantaged young people, including those with disabilities and special educational needs, to help them access these programmes.  Bursary funding will also be used to underwrite and sponsor activities where there are gaps in provision.

Through our website and social media presence we want to help young people and professional artists to share their ideas and experiences  and to have easy access to a range of relevant information, including local events and careers guidance.